Movement for life.



Movement for life.


The Postnatal Program offers a physical practice that is both restorative and strengthening, and provides mothers an opportunity to gather in a supportive community.

Pain, discomfort, weakness, and a feeling of disconnection from your body are incredibly common in the weeks and months after you have a baby. By combining elements of yoga and Pilates, our weekly classes will restore your body from the inside out and help you feel connected and energized.

As a Bellies Inc, Core Confidence trainer, I'm fully qualified and equipped to help you protect and restore your core muscles. This program is safe for women dealing with a weakened core (pelvic floor issues and diastasis recti), and designed to help you restore and re-strengthen.

  • Learn how to properly engage and connect to the core muscles

  • Create/restore core strength and function in a safe and effective manner

  • Release tense and overworked muscles

  • Promote relaxation so you feel calm and energized

  • Learn to integrate movement, exercise and mindfulness in your everyday life

Classes run on a six week pre-registration basis and include online (via email) tips and tools to reinforce the work you do in class, and foster a deeper sense of confidence and connection.

& She Moves provides class options for women looking to bring their babies along to class as well as mothers looking for a little break. Modifications are available in each class, so you’ll be able to safely and confidently work at a level that’s comfortable and appropriate for you, and continue to improve as you progress and get stronger.

*These classes are designed for women 6 weeks postpartum and beyond and who have received clearance from their care provider. 

Check out the FAQ page for more information. 


Wednesday 11:30-12:30pm
West End Mamas
2477 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ont. 
Sept. 20-Oct. 25, 2017


Thursday 11:00-12:00pm
Sama Studio (Roncesvalles) 
197 Sorauren Ave. 
Toronto, Ont. 
Sept. 14-Oct. 19, 2017
Oct. 26-Nov. 30, 2017



Monday 11:00-12:00pm
Restore your Core Series
Union Yoga (Bloorcourt)
956 Bloor St. West
Toronto, Ont.
Sept. 18-Oct. 30, 2017
*no class Oct. 9*

Wednesday 8:30-9:30pm
Moms Only Class
Sama Studio (Roncesvalles) 
197 Sorauren Ave. 
Toronto, Ont. 
Sept. 13-Oct. 18, 2017
Oct. 25-Nov. 29, 2017


Laura is so knowledgeable about common mom aches and pains and how to work those specific areas... whether it’s great stretches for tired shoulders and backs from carrying children around, or strengthening exercises for postpartum recovery issues like diastasis and weak pelvic floor. I always leave class feeling like I did a great combination of strength and stretching movements that my body needed.