Prenatal Yoga

Movement for birth.


Prenatal Yoga

Movement for birth.


& She Moves provides a balanced, whole body approach to prenatal health and wellness designed to help your body feel its best and function optimally throughout pregnancy and during childbirth.

Classes run on a six week pre-registration basis and draw on elements of yoga, Pilates and functional movement to safely and effective build core strength, create support, and reduce the effects of pregnancy-related issues such as pelvic floor weakness/imbalance and diastasis recti.

This is a safe program for those who may be dealing with these (and other pregnancy related) issues. As a certified Bellies Inc. trainer, I am fully qualified and equipped to help you protect, and restore, your core.

Our prenatal classes can help you: 

  • Reduce back, hip, and pelvic pain

  • Create core support in a safe and effective manner

  • Foster a deeper connection to your pelvic floor muscles in preparation for birth and postpartum recovery

  • Prepare for a smoother birth by providing tools to help in labor

  • Learn to integrate movement, exercise and mindfulness in your everyday life

You will receive online (via email) tips and tools to reinforce the work you do in class, and foster a deeper sense of confidence and connection.

Modifications are available in each class, so you’ll be able to safely and confidently work at a level that’s comfortable and appropriate for you, and continue to improve as you progress and get stronger.

Check out the FAQ page for more information. 


Wednesdays 7:00– 8:15pm
Sama Studio (Roncesvalles)
197 Sorauren Ave. 
Toronto, Canada

Upcoming Sessions:
June 26-July 31, 2019


Summer 2019 Dates TBD



Laura was full of knowledge about our changing bodies during all stages of pregnancy, and offered so much valuable information and support. The classes were a great combination of movement focusing on strength, stretching and preparing our bodies for the challenges of pregnancy and labour.