Move with confidence. 


Friday May 31, 7-9:30pm at Sama Studio

Designed for women and their partner/support person, this interactive workshop is truly unique. Applying the therapeutic benefits of yoga and pilates to the physiology of childbirth, this workshop provides the opportunity to explore positions and movements that optimize physical alignment in preparation for a smoother birth and postpartum recovery.

This workshop will focus on: 

- Yoga poses and corrective exercises that encourage optimal alignment and fetal positioning
- Proper breathing mechanics for birth preparation and labor
- Movements for each stage of labor that create more space in the pelvis for an easier delivery
-Birthing positions to create more space and help to reduce the need for interventions while maintaining integrity to the pelvic floor muscles
- How to properly prepare the pelvic floor muscles for childbirth and postpartum healing
- Restorative poses and mindfulness tools to help calm the nervous system

**This workshop is also available for couples on a private basis. Please enquire about pricing and availability. 

Laura's class is a perfect blend of practical information, emotional encouragement and let’s just say, bits of information that you might otherwise only get from your best friend. She’s both personal and professional, and I can’t recommend her highly enough!