Move with confidence. 

Core Connect
A Prenatal and Postnatal Workshop at Mosaic Yoga
Saturday November 25, 2017

If you are pregnant or have ever had a baby, you know the immense changes your body undergoes throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum! You may be left wondering how best to support your body through these changes to minimize pain, discomfort and weakness but aren't quite sure where to start. 

Connecting to your core muscles can be confusing and challenging during pregnancy and postpartum. We often feel disconnected and unsure of how to safely and effectively train these muscles. 

Join pelvic health physiotherapist, Trang Bui and myself for an interactive 2 hour workshop that will teach you the foundations of creating a system of support for your body. 

Through discussion, breathing exercises, and a mindful movement practice, you will deepen your awareness and connection to the core muscles and learn how you can confidently integrate the foundational principles into your daily life.

This workshop is open to both pregnant and postpartum clients. 


Village Gatherings 

& She Moves offers monthly events and classes called Village Gatherings that are dedicated to empowering and supporting women while creating authentic  community. 

Facebook Launch Party
& She Moves Community
Thursday Nov. 23, 7:30-9:30pm

This month marks the 2nd year anniversary for & She Moves and that means time to party! And a celebration is definitely in order because I just launched a new project that I'm very excited about-The & She Moves Community Group on Facebook. 

This group provides a space for women to share the nitty gritty, every day experiences of pregnancy, birth and motherhood in an encouraging and supportive environment. As a member of this FREE group you'll have access to 

  • weekly movement classes (15-20 minutes so you can slot them into your busy day)
  • weekly Q&A sessions with myself 
  • monthly Q&A sessions with amazing guest experts
  • self care tips and prompts to help inspire and ground you 

Join me on Thursday Nov. 23 as we celebrate this new community with an evening that you can enjoy right from the comfort of your own home! Throughout the evening check in with me over at the Facebook group for giveaways, Q&A mini sessions and a 45 minute movement practice. 



Movement for Birth Workshop

Designed for women and their partner/support person, this interactive workshop is truly unique. Applying the therapeutic benefits of yoga and pilates to the physiology of childbirth, this workshop provides the opportunity to explore positions and movements that optimize physical alignment in preparation for a smoother birth and postpartum recovery.

This workshop will focus on: 

- Yoga poses and corrective exercises that encourage optimal alignment and fetal positioning
- Proper breathing mechanics
- Birthing positions that create more space in the pelvis for an easier delivery and maintain pelvic floor integrity
- How to properly prepare the pelvic floor muscles for childbirth and postpartum healing
- Restorative poses and mindfulness tools to help calm the nervous system

Fall/Winter date TBD
**This workshop is also available for couples on a private basis. Please enquire about pricing and availability. 

This class allows me to embrace my post baby body and to safely work on strengthening my core. I always leave with a smile on my face.

- Melissa C