Join the & She Moves
Community Group

Pregnancy and motherhood carry some unique challenges that make getting out to classes and events more challenging. But it's also one of the times that we most need access to a supportive community! I launched the & She Moves Community Group on Facebook as a way for women to share the nitty gritty, every day experiences of pregnancy, birth and motherhood within an encouraging and supportive community. 

This space is dedicated to inspiring and educating women on maternal health and wellness and helping women feel better in their bodies during this transitional time in their lives. 

As a member of this group you will receive access to:

  • weekly movement classes 
  • weekly live Q&A sessions/tutorials
  • monthly live Q&A sessions with amazing guest experts 
  • self care tips and prompts 
  • a encouraging and supportive community

I will be joined by some outstanding guests this year and will be covering issues that range from pelvic health, birth preparation, breastfeeding, mental health, self care, and much more. Check out this amazing lineup:

  • Kim Vopni-The Vagina Coach, Author of Prepare to Push and Your Pelvic Floor (The Inside Story)
  • Dara Duff Bergenson-Belly Bootcamp, Pre+Postnatal Fitness Trainer 
  • Natasha Marchand and Bianca Sprauge- Bebo Mia (Doula Certification Program)
  • Anita Lambert-Pelvic Health Physiotherapist at Holistic Health Physiotherapy 
  • Rachel Schwartzman, Naturopathic Doctor and Co-Founder of The Bump to Baby Show
  • Amanda Laird, Holistic Nutritionist and Host of The Heavy Flow Podcast
  • Brandie Hadfield-Dream with Brandie, Sleep Educator
  • Taya Griffin, Lactation Consultant 
  • and many more! 

I look forward to connecting with you over in the group! JOIN TODAY!